Ally Bridge Group invests through the following strategies: 1) venture/early growth; 2) buyout and large growth capital; 3) hedge fund.

Venture/early growth – we invest in innovative life science companies at later stages of development primarily in the US, both private and public, focused on innovative drugs and, to a lesser extent, medical devices. We focus on those opportunities with near-term liquidity events or exits.

Buyout and large growth capital – we invest in China-based healthcare companies with determined global aspirations and capabilities and global healthcare companies, primarily in the US and Europe, which have strong interests or potential in China. We leverage our unique strengths in global cross-border healthcare investing, deal-making, execution, and enabling of cross-border business development & partnerships.

Hedge fund – we employ fundamental and bottom-up research-driven, with a proactive value-add approach to invest in public equities in both Asia and the US.